Growth of NuLine Manufacturing, Inc


The roots of NuLine Mfg began in 1968 when T Guard developed the “Platen” pouch machine. This was the first machine capable of making a shape from thermally sealable films. The first machine was designed to produce tapered sleeves for the floral industry and launched an entirely new technology in the Converting Industry. This new technology was quickly applied to a number of products and virtually started whole industries.

Products that previously could only be produced from Vinyl using RF Technology could now be produced cost effectively. The vast majority of the foil balloon market, which began in the early 1970’s and continues today, uses this same technology. In the early 80’s “Platen” technology was introduced to the Medical/Surgical Market with numbers of pouches, bags, and disposables too numerous to list.

NuLine has continued to develop this unique technology and currently is the world leader in Liquid Packaging and Bag N Box Machinery, Gas Sterilization Pouch Machines and Gas Filled Packaging.